SK Hynix develops the world’s first Highest Density 128 GB DDR4 memory

SK Hynix recently revealed the world’s first 128GB DDR4 memory kit made for Intel Xeon E5 processors which will be based on Haswell. The memory uses 20nm 8Gb DDR4 chips.

1Sung Joo Hong, the head of DRAM development at SK Hynix said,”The development of the world’s first 128GB DDR4 module has its significance in opening ultrahigh density server market. The company will further strengthen its competitiveness in premium DRAM sphere with the development of high density, ultrahigh speed and low power consuming products.”

The chipmaker plans to start its mass production of 64GB and 128GB DDR4 memory based on these chips by Q1 2015.

The modules reach speeds of up to 2133Mb/s and consume as low as 1.2v. These modules are based on Through Silicon Via (TSV) technology which helps to significantly improve the memory’s speed and its efficiency. Though these memory kits are made for the server market, it should be interesting to see if this can trickle down to the consumer market, especially for enthusiasts.

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