project cars 2

Slightly Mad Studios to release Project Cars 2

After six and a half weeks ago, Slightly Mad studios announced that they have started working on Project Cars 2 via Kickstarter. The currently available Project Cars raised a total $2.56 Million dollars and pooled in its own money at the same time.

project cars 2

But the gamers are not really happy about for many reasons. Few complained that the studio should work on fixing issues with Project Cars, even jabbing that slightly mad studios went completely mad by not doing so. Few said that certain features such as Teammate drivers, spotter, driver swap and others were not implemented in the game, contrary to the studios claim of doing so at the time of crowdfunding. Few questioned as to why the Studio can’t pay development for its own sequel especially when they claimed that the game was a hit.

With the Project Cars 2, the game is promised to have 50 unique locations and 200+ courses with dirt, gravel, mud and snow covered surface, with more than 200 cars from over 40 different vehicle classes, Live broadcasting, creating own racing season and a lot more.

Whatever the case maybe, the timing could have been better, and the studio could have been working on providing what was promised to be available in the game, along with providing additional expansion to give a better replay value to its fans and backers. When the promise is not delivered and a new project is announced, many people will question if it worth crowdfunding the new project. Will the studio raise enough money from its campaign is something that remains to be seen.

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