Steam Sale shows release date for Dead Rising 3

dead-rising-3The Steam Sale is on! However, Capcom didn’t seem to have made a grand announcement about the release of Dead Rising 3 for PC via Steam. According to the Steam Summer Sale update, Dead Rising 3 will be available on September 5th. The standard pricing for the game is listed as $49.49, but due to the sale you can get a copy of the game for US37.49. It seems strange that Capcom isn’t making any noise about the PC variant whatsoever.

The game was supposed to be an exclusive for XBox One, but Capcom said during E3 2014 that the game will be ported to PC. It was also being said that the PC version will have improved textures, visuals along with Steam goodie support such as Achievements, Steam Cloud and Leaderboard.

The downside is that the game would most likely not have 60 frames per second option. At the end of the day, its a game with better textures locked at 30 FPS.

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