Swiftech H220

Swiftech pulls out H220 and H320 after Infringement claim

A news that a lot of enthusiasts in United States will hate: Asetek’s lawyers have sent a letter dated July 11th claiming that Swiftech’s H220 is infringing on their U.S. patents 8,240,362 and 8,245,764, depending to cease the sales and importing of H220 coolers.

On June 7th, Rouchon Industries, Inc. that owns Swiftech received a letter from Asetek stating that they have infringed on the U.S. patents that they own and then a reply was sent by Swiftech’s counsel saying that based on their preliminary investigations, their client does not infringe on Asetek’s patent, but offered to resolve this dispute without any unnecessary litigation by asked if Asetek will be willing to provide a non-exclusive license for the asserted patents in order to resolve the dispute.

The reply that came later clearly showed that Asetek doesn’t want to do so, instead wants Swiftech to take down H220 in the U.S. market. Asetek also reminded that they’ve taken legal actions against Coolermaster and CoolIT in the past, which pretty much points that they have no intention to license their patent to anyone, like how certain patent trolls do to earn royalty from sales of their rival brand.


Their reply was as follows:

Asetek has spent many years and a great deal of money developing what has become the industry standard for sealed liquid cooling systems. In order to protect this investment, Asetek has worked to protect its innovations with patents and utility models in important countries such as the United States, Europe and China. As I’m sure you’re aware, Asetek vigorously enforces its intellectual property rights against infringers and copyists that would profit from Asetek’s hard work and investments. Asetek has taken enforcement actions against both Cooler Master and CoolIt in U.S. District Court, as well as against CoolIT in Europe.

Turning to your question, Asetek does not offer licenses to its proprietary technology or intellectual property. Asetek would be willing to discuss the possibility of supplying its integrated pump units to Swiftech and Swiftech could possibly integrate its own radiators, fan and tubes. Please let me know if Swiftech is interested in discussing such an arrangement.

Swiftech has their manufacturing plant in China, and recently it was announced that they will be selling H320 units as well which will have 360mm radiator being used.

As of now, it seems that this would only be applied in U.S. markets only, but now that they have mentioned that their has enough protection in countries such as United States China and the European continent. On another note, this could be the reason why Swiftech didn’t restock H220 units in the U.S. market.

Edit 1: Swiftech will not be selling H320 in United States


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