Taiwan is a country every PC hardware enthusiast should experience!

New hardware, developments, concept and overclocking- what we cover in Computex!

Often most of us talk about high-performance enthusiast and gaming hardware, peripherals and accessories. We discuss what we get and what we buy. We don’t get to talk about the countries and cities we travel to see where and how all of this is coming from! It is rare for me to see such countries and cities- to travel to explore a sub-culture where many of the components are made, designed and inspired from. Taiwan is a big Island with a bigger sub-culture many PC hardware enthusiasts will appreciate and love to experience. Some of us had that taste, but it wasn’t enough. It never is.

So naturally…Taiwan is one of those things which will always stay in the bucket list!

But what a few of us talk about- and to our readers!

Lufthansa Airlines, one of the leading airlines in the world a member of the Star Alliance, wanted me to share my bucket list. It may confuse some, but to visit a country (the city of Taipei, specifically) regularly will reveal its urban beauty and experience everytime you go. Because it unboxes new experience everytime you go. Its always there at every turn even if you’re familiar with that spot. If the world invited me for (in their own words) a ‘Blind Date’ for #TheBlindList. The city of Taipei in Taiwan is one of those cities that will give me that unforgettable enriching experience. I am sure the experience will always be unknown every time I go there. For people like us, that is one of our worlds. So suffice to say, when we explore Taiwan, we are exploring the world. As a hardware enthusiast, if you get that opportunity to go to Taiwan, you should! #SayYesToTheWorld

I was in Taiwan for Computex 2014. Those six days was an amazing but intimidating experience, yet the only travel inspiration for me. I needed a lot more than visiting the expo hall during the better half of the day. I had a night and a day for that and it was good! But it is not enough the experience overwhelmed me. Due to differences in culture and stuff you can do, my first visit to Taipei overwhelmed me. Obviously, it is hard to soak it all in six days because you are blinded by the differences and experiences from Day One.

Visiting Taiwan after so many years is going to be something amazing.

Typical life during the day, but a different city is always a different experience if you look close enough!

Those memorable six days is not enough to explore anything beyond that expo and that’s where the heart of this sub-culture is. Why else will it always be in the bucket list? Same place, every time and still giving you that brand new experience. It is no different than those who want to explore Japan, especially those who live its sub-culture of electronics, games, collectibles, anime, food and even some movies that need an acquired taste. It eventually gives you that comfort of a familiar place but motivates you and therefore you travel to explore. You always have everything there- as an indoor and outdoor experience.

The nightlife- bright but charming a city in the night can be! Different experiences blind from you experiencing more!

I was lucky to have a good company who live in Taiwan for a while and surrounded by people I know in my line of work. But going on your own with no plans and no goals will excite any openminded tech enthusiasts. No itinerary or guide might be messy but it motivates you to go deeper in the city and see what you normally would not. The experience I had years ago will obviously be much different if I go now. It never faded. It always stayed and matured well enough to want more. You soak in and preserved that experience as much as you can, but you want more as time passes enough for you to process all of it. It is only now I understood why a few old-school tech journalists from the ’80s just love to come to Taiwan always during Computex, even if they are not actively involved professionally.

Mingling with people you know but never met is a fun experience!

For many, travel to explore such a place is a surreal and a privileged experience. Because those places clearly resonate with our interests and passion. It is no different from self exploration because when you are surrounded by such culture even for a short period of time, you are inspired and motivated to do things better in life. It clears a path from all the distractions in your work life so that you see what you want. You get to know yourself a bit better in the process, too!

For a tourist, six days is a good experience. For tech enthusiasts like ourselves, it is never enough. Eventually, you will want to come back for more. Fishing indoors for shrimp or enjoying the night markets and clubs. Exploring the local shops or even eating exotically flavored ice cream at Taipei 101, It was a reinvigorating experience. The ‘2014’ visit is an inspiration and a driving force to grow as a reviewer and influenced Hardware BBQ to grow. Its that one time of the year where all reviewers, tech journalists, well-reputed enthusiasts and brands from every corner of the world come together. Your own people are the best way to sum it up. It is still an exploration and the best part, it comes to you! A part of the city feels naturalized with this sub-culture of DIY PC enthusiasts, like many places in the world. Where else would you see billboards and ads in buses about enthusiast grade motherboards and graphics card? Where else would you see rival companies are neighbors to eat other and have lunch together? Where else do you see people doing crazy modifications to their scooters?

People with similar passion and profession being in touch with each other in a city filled with it? yes, please!

And that is why it is one of those places where it always stays in the bucket list! It might be a bit familiar everytime you go, but you experience the unknown and therefore it is always in the blind list.

Taiwan is a country every PC hardware enthusiast should experience! from taiwan

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