TeamAU bags #1 in single GPU and GTX Titan Pro OC


TeamAU was at Gigabyte’s brand new OC lab which was opened up recently, and they’ve already made a world record along with legendary overclocker Hicookie. Since its Gigabyte’s lab, they have a generous supply of brains, skills, hardware and LN2, including Gigabyte X79-UD7, GTX Titans enough for a 4-way run and Z77X-UP7.


What’s also interesting is that the team some of the mods which involve an unofficially named ‘G-Power’ board which is a CPU power delivery system which was in Gigabyte’ UP series motherboards that used 60 Amps MOSFETs and Chokes. GTX Titan itself draws 260 Amps of power on its own.

901791_4621077653195_1923412913_o[4]Once this ‘G-Power’ board was soldered on the GTX Titan, teamAU was able to get enough stable power delivery that it went because 1800MHz. At first Dinos22 and youngpro was able to hit 7186.54 MHz using Z77X-UP7.



But with X79-UD7 motherboard and the single GTX Titan was able to generate a 3DMark Vantage and 11 scores worthy of attention, as the achieved 66204 in 3DMark Vantage Performance preset which bagged #1 spot in HWBot’s single GPU world record and #1 in GTX Titan record under 3DMark Vantage leaderboard, followed by 3DMark 11 performance score of 21266, which earned them the #2 spot in 3DMark 11’s leaderboard for single card and GTX Titan, both under Pro OC cup division.

If you’re wondering, Kingpin is holding #1 spot for 3DMark 11’s single GPU and GTX Titan Leaderboard with a brilliant 21666 score.

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