‘Thief’ reboot title in trouble

Eidos Montreal has been working on rebooting ‘Thief’ franchise for over 5 years, but according to the report, its been found that due to corporate politics, lack of publisher’s oversight, higher product costs lead many delays on the game’s development which also was the reason why many personnel in the team, junior and senior level, have departed. This lead to a series of creativity confusion as the replacement had a different vision for the game.

Thief is a game that began in 2008.

It all started after Square Enix acquired Eidos Interactive in 2009, which then got all of its game franchises, the company pushed the completion and promotion of another game ‘Dues Ex: Human Revolution’. Eidos Montreal put together a small team to design and demonstrate the game’s potential art, design and its gameplay, which would then be shown to the publisher who will make the decision if this projection should be made. Square Enix gave a green light and the full production of ‘Thief’ started.

This is when the problem apparently started when the project started taking in few designers, many who worked in Montreal Studios and who’ve worked in Ubisoft Montreal and other local colleagues. Eventually favouritism divided the office and eventually affecting the project. The then lead and senior designer left the team after less then 2 years. The newer counterparts scraped and rebuilt the stages and mechanics in the game.

The promotional deadline was somewhere between late 2012 and early 2013 primarily focusing on press demos, such as the front cover for Game Informer and the last month’s edition of Game Developers Conference. The demo taken about 10 months to be developed, specifically about a scene which takes place in a brothel where the featured sex sequences made some animators very uncomfortable.

Square Enix maybe in trouble because of this, especially since they sold only 3.4 Million copies of Tomb Raider’s reboot whereas their expectation was between 5 Million to 6 Million. For them, Hitman: Absolution and Sleeping Dogs ‘underperformed’ despite selling millions of copies. The company reported a net loss of about $138 Million.

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