The World’s Fastest Supercomputer Titan Gets The World’s Fastest Storage

The Titan Supercomputer viz. presently located at Oak Ridge National Lab will be getting another bragging right: World’s fastest storage system with 40 Petabytes of storage with beyond eye-popping 1.4 TB/s performance.

This is a supercomputer with 18,688 AMD Opteron 16-Core processor with 18,688 Nvidia Tesla K30X GPUs and earlier it used to have 10 petabytes of storage running at 240GB/s. This is a HUGE storage and data transfer throughput 1up for the Titan and a deserving one nonetheless. The storage system was built by DataDirect Networks who used 20 units of their DDN SFA12K-40 storage systems installed with Titan’s newest addition, Spider II. Oak Ridge also said that the storage capacity that they have is enough to store about 227,000 miles of stacked books or the distance from Oak Ridge lab to the moon.

Source: Engadget

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