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Disclosure: The TC-777 USB Condenser microphone is sent by TONOR.

The Tonor TC-777 and the state of USB microphones…

The Tonor TC-777 is an inexpensive USB dynamic microphone and therefore, you can’t help but wonder how good or bad can it be? With a budget of 40$, this is one of the mics that some would consider for video conferencing & voice chat through different platforms, in-game chatting and maybe for streaming.

Dynamic microphones are usually preferable over condenser microphones for such applications. There’s nothing more to add about the difference between dynamic and condenser microphones, apart from information provided on the internet. Samson makes dynamic microphones in variable price segments, starting with the Go Mic and also the Q2U USB/ XLR mic that I use. Blue Microphones has the snowball. Audio-Technica has AT2100 and the newer AT2100X. Many of these are in different price segments, but well under 100$. This microphone is sub $50. So it helps to show what you can get for this cost. Obviously, you need the best possible recording quality.

Packaging and Contents

The Tonor TC-777 microphone is packed in a box with the basic specifications on the right. The tripod with the shock mount is pre-installed on the microphone.

OoOoOo... colourful manualIt is rare to see manufacturing using any colour apart from black for their instruction manuals. The book is an instruction manual in eight languages with 8 pages each. The second is a service card for two years. Most provide a one-year warranty.


Polar Pattern Cardioid S/N Ratio 56dB
Frequency Response 100Hz- 16Kz Sample Rate 44.1KHz- 48KHz
Sensitivity -38dB±3dB Work Voltage USB 5V DC
Output USB Type B to Type A Bit Rate 16 Bit
Maximum SPL ≥110db Output Impedance 680Ω
Package Include
Item Quantity Parameter Details
Microphone 1 Size: 15cm*4.5cm
Cable: 1.5m
Foldable Mic Tripod 1 Maximum Height: 23cm (Mic Included)
Mini Shock Mount 1 Size: 5.7cm *5.2cm
Pop Filter 1 Diameter: 10cm
Service Card 1
Manual 1

I am not sure why the specs say USB Type-B to A with one of the ends is permanently attached to the microphone. The polar pattern is not put up with its website. For single person usage, you’ll need a cardioid microphone.

Microphone Design

The casing of the Tonor TC-777 USB microphone is plastic with a fixed metal grill. While some would prefer to have a metal body, it is better to have a shock mount with a pop filter. It is hardly surprising for a microphone costing under $50.

Speaking of keeping the cost down…

The length of the USB cable from the connector is a bit under 1.50 meters. I would have liked to see a detachable USB cable seeing that it is a norm for most peripherals. Even with the Cardioid polar pattern, both sides of the microphone have grills. This microphone does look nice and not tacky. Eventually, somebody would do that to mics.

In the end, with this costing, we should look at how the recording/ broadcasting quality it provides to a person.

Stand Support

The tripod is pretty standard that’s usually bundled with my USB microphones, with an exception being the shock mount with gooseneck for the pop filter. Tonor did provide a mic foam. The pop filter uses layers in it, but its 4-inch diameter. The legs are metal with a reasonably big rubber base. The mount does give you a 90-degree pivot to adjust your mic at your convenience.

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