Toshiba completes OCZ’s acquisition; new logo, ahoy!

Toshiba has made its announcement that it has finally completed the acquisition of one of the well known SSD maker OCZ. Along with continuing the name, Toshiba posted OCZ’s new logo.


Since it turned out to be a win-win situation for both, as said Toshiba said that with OCZ they will expand their products in consumer and enterprise applications, specifically for SATA and PCIe for consumer & SATA, SAS and PCIe enterprise solutions. OCZ’s name not only will still live on, but the branding will greatly benefit from Toshiba’ existing expertise as a NAND and SSD Controller manufacturer.

It was also pointed out that OCZ Storage Solutions will continue to maintain the company’s existing worldwide sales channels, along with maintaining its design centers at California, Israel and in UK.

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