Toshiba plans to buy OCZ’s Assets via Auction

OCZ Group which is known to make SSDs for a while and memory kits before that will now be acquired by Toshiba Corporation via a sale and auction process.

According to Toshiba, OCZ’s presence in consumer and enterprise market will reinforce their foothold in the SSD market. Since Toshiba has the required supplies of flash NAND, money power and RnD, this should help them out.

Currently Toshiba has market presence in LCD, notebooks, electronic products and storage devices among many other businesses. If Toshiba wins the auctions and clears all regulations put up by the U.S. courts, the entire process will be completed by January.


OCZ also acquired top class power supply brand ‘PC Power & Cooling’ which brought the first consumer grade 1kW power supplies. What about the future for the power supply brand? Will Toshiba use the name ‘OCZ’? What about the warranty support for existing OCZ SSD users? For now, there’s nothing to say.

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