Transcend ESD200 is a portable USB 3.0 SSD

This is about few days old, but Transcend introduced an ESD200 USB 3.0 Portable Drive with an SSD with a choice of 128GB and 256GB SSD storage. The press release does state that it promises that ESD200 gives a transfer speeds of up to 260MB/s read and 225MB/s write- fast enough to transfer a full 4.7GB DVD movie in just 15 seconds. One would ask, however, the point of having a large and expensive flash storage where the drive could be used as a Primary OS drive- at least looking how things are right now. If you’re wondering- it uses MLC type Flash NAND. They do claim its 75% smaller and 70% lighter than the standard portable drive.

The Indian pricing wasn’t disclosed but  ESD200 Solid State Drive is available for a suggested price of US$239 for the 128gigs and US$429 for the 256gigs. Transcend gives a three-year warranty. The dimension of the drive- with the casing- is 92 × 62 × 10.5mm. It also comes with an Indicator. Blue LED= USB 3.0 and Yellow is for 2.0


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