Transcend 780G 16GB USB 3.0

Transcend JetFlash 780 16GB USB 3.0 Review

  1. Introduction
  2. Packaging and Specification
  3. Test Bench and Methodology
  4. ATTO Benchmark
  5. CrystalDisk Mark Benchmark
  6. Transfer Tests
  7. Conclusion

The packaging is basic. Nothing much to talk about it over here:


The drive is thin, compact, seems to be using a good quality plastic- like how USB flash drives should be unless its an eight-channel like HyperX USB flash drive.



One annoying part is that chances are- if you’re not keeping it where you remember where you kept it- you may lose the cap eventually. It is not a con- most drives except certain drives like DT Ultimate/HyperX and the retractable/non-cap flash will not usually allow fixing the cap on the back of the drive while in use. A lanyard loop is a bare minimum I would’ve liked to see at the very least, but you do not get this with your drive.

Usually, manufacturers print the model number, capacity and serial number on the connector, but Transcend has printed it on the sides of the chrome ring. I am not a fan of chromed trims, but that’s more of a preference.


Since this is the first product from Transcend that I’ve tested, I’ll talk about their RMA policy.

Like most external (flash/mechanical) devices, Transcend has its own media backup/encryption utility that you need to download from their site, but also has PC Lock and Bookmark sync utility within its Data Management software. The drives require you to register the product to avail your warranty, however, do note that Transcend has mentioned on their website clearly that you are required to show your purchase invoice.

IMG_9848 The drive comes with “Lifetime Warranty” however this is pretty common only in memory kits- but not flash drives. This is the first time I am seeing a “lifetime warranty” tag on a flash drive. In any case, I prefer if a company (any company- all of them- doesn’t matter) simply states the actual year’s warranty period- like how everyone does. Although there may be some reason to justify it in memory kits (that too only when the specification is near EOL/commercial phase out), it just simply doesn’t make much sense for a flash drive.


The actual usable space is 14.7GB.

The warranty policy that Transcend India mentioned on their website is as follows:

imageDespite the common words, different companies have a different concept of a lifetime warranty. Transcend, however- by the looks of it- haven’t mentioned how they define the lifetime of the product. I was under the impression that registering the product would show the actual period of warranty but alas:
imageThere is an option for you to delete it, but you can always delete and register it again with a newer date. On the packaging Transcend mentions registering the drive on the site and the site says you require the purchase proof of avail warranty.


Despite being on Transcend India’s own website, the warranty policy that they’ve mentioned seems only to be for Transcend USA.

Keeping a vague “lifetime warranty” puts people in confusion and also may face an issue during replacement. Unlike memory kits- unless you have a healthy kick to keep old systems around- flash drives will mostly be there with you. In a corner or under your sofa- its still going to be there. USB 2.0 ruled the world for so many years and then came USB 3.0- so what’s the actual lifespan of such products? If it does have a particular period, why not mention it? This way buyer is confident about the warranty period- rather than being at a mercy of the company/service centre/distributor policy which would change without the buyer’s notice. People working in stores and even at times- distributors- have a tendency to give assurances that product warranty is technically so-and-so years- but we live in a cynical world- actual warranty period should be mentioned.

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