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TteSports Draconem RGB Cloth Edition Mousepad Review

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Disclosure: The Draconem RGB cloth edition mousepad is provided by Tt eSports.

About Draconem…

The RGB mousepad is a thing. Almost everything can be RGBfied! The cycle is complete!

With a plethora of peripherals RGBfied for gamers, it was just a matter of time we get to see RGB mousepads and maybe deskpads in the future. This is the TteSports Draconem RGB cloth edition mousepad. This should be interesting because ordinarily, we wouldn’t think of having LED lights inside the mousepad to create that bleeding effect. You just have to ask the question- where would it stop??? Still, there are those who do like it and hence some companies have their own RGB mousepads. So we’ll take a look at Dracomen and see how it progresses from there onwards.

Packaging and Contents

The Draconem mousepad comes in a very good packaging. This is a ‘cloth edition’ but the base is rubber and it does have the RGB light controls and LED within the mousepad so it has to be flat. Alas, I don’t have experience with any hard material mousepads. Ordinarily, cloth pads are simply rolled up, put in a plastic bag and then inside the box. Depending on the length of the mousepad (usually deskpads) it takes a while to straighten itself out. Not a problem with mousepads in such packaging!


DIMENSION355 X 255 X 4 MM, 13.98 X 10.04 X 0.16 IN

The Y-axis height of the mousepad is 10-inch. Thermaltake included the controls as the part of its height. The mousepad does have some weight to it, due to the plastic sheet and the rubber base under the cloth surface. It also has the controls on it to set the LED effects.

Mousepad Overview

The surface is almost smooth due to the cloth’s texture. While it isn’t enough to create friction, it does feel nice to glide your mousepad over it. The LED controller is towards the front and the underside has a rubber surface. The rubber surface consists of several dotted grips and therefore creates a good grip on a laminated sheet, glass and granite surfaces.

Naturally, this RGB mousepad has controls and a USB cable to power up the LED lights within. There are two switches. One for brightness or power on/off by holding down the switch. The other is to change the RGB effects. As you can see, the mousepad has three layers, the cloth surface, the transparent sheet to spread the LED lights and the rubber base.

RGB Display!

In daylight, you can see some RGB effects around the border, and the different lights can be observed and differentiated.

In total darkness, the RGB glow stands out.

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