assassin's creed unity pc bug faceless

Ubisoft blames Assassin’s Creed: Unity problems on AMD

assassin's creed unity pc bug faceless

Ubisoft seems to be working hard on getting everyone’s nerves. Its bad enough that the company has been going back and forth about its claims about 30 FPS. Its even worse when a Forbes contributor gave a piece of his mind about Ubisoft. But the gaming company seem to have put EA’s past antics to shame went ahead by pointing towards AMD hardware- specifically the APU/CPU and GPU.

A community manager in Ubisoft forums found it convenient enough to blame AMD hardware. The community manager ‘UbiJohkr’ said in Ubisoft forums:

We are aware that the graphics performance of Assassin’s Creed Unity on PC may be adversely affected by certain AMD CPU and GPU configurations. This should not affect the vast majority of PC players, but rest assured that AMD and Ubisoft are continuing to work together closely to resolve the issue, and will provide more information as soon as it is available.

It seems that (really, now??) Ubisoft seems to be ignorant of the fact that this affects systems beyond AMD hardware- or PC for that matter. Rants, complaints, screenshots and even detail posts from multiple tech and gaming forum indicate that the problems with any system and console irrespective of the in-game settings and the hardware.

There are multiple bugs spotted throughout the gameplay according to users. Some pointed out that the lead character ‘Arno’ could ‘swim’ under the city’s structures or falling through the floor of the buildings to never-ending depths and also invisible walls. The disturbing bug is the one with characters without the skin on the face, with nothing more than hair, eyeballs and a set of teeth and gums that can be viewed in full glory.

Gamers who bought the game for PC, PlayStation 4 and XBox One have posted videos and screenshots. The above video is a compilation of the bugs that reflected during the gameplay.

Ubisoft claims that it will fix problems, but you have to wonder why couldn’t they read their own community forums and take responsibility in public, saying that this affects all the hardware and platform- AMD and Nvidia-based. One could easily assume that this game was obviously rushed pre-maturely. Having a review embargo 17 hours post the US launch of the game did raise suspicions and also points out that even Ubisoft is well-aware of the problems irrespective of what they claim via their forums. You would expect that Nvidia wouldn’t be happy about it either, considering

You would expect that the folks of Nvidia wouldn’t be happy about it either, considering Ubisoft and Nvidia bragged that Assassin’s Creed Unity was made with GameWorks to enhance the game, but Ubisoft released a buggy game anyways. This isn’t the first time Ubisoft pulled off such a stunt. Consumers (including the ones from the PC Master Race) aren’t too happy about Watch Dogs for PC.

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