Ubisoft changes its reviews policy post AC: Unity widespread ownage


After being owned by reviewers, journalists and even gamers, Ubisoft said that it plans to change the way they work with reviewers and gamers.

A spokesperson for Ubisoft told BBC,”We are working to adapt our services and communications with consumers accordingly, both by changing the way we work with reviewers and by offering customers open betas or other early access to some games, all so that they have the information they need and want.”

The issue arrived when Ubisoft of having an anti-consumer approach for having an embargo to be lifted for reviews after 17 hours since the launched. It is claimed that the reason Ubisoft did this was to cash-in by using the reputation and fanbase built by past Assassin’s Creed games as much as possible before the reviews point out flaws.

Even though the spokesperson defended the reason by citing their MMO title Destiny’s complexity, implementing an embargo for a single-player game 17-hours post the retail launch is laughable and smells of foul play at best. Personally I hope that others don’t pick up this habit- and the publishers should work on giving the best gameplay rather than rushing the game out in its obviously broken condition to gamers with PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platform. Finger pointing towards a particular brand’s hardware when the entire community highlighted that this isn’t the case also puts a dent in one’s faith over their games.

This does not look good as it will obviously make people skeptical of purchasing even the well-known titles. It should be noted that in 2015, Ubisoft will be releasing Tom Clancy’s The Division, an upcoming third-person shooter game for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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