Upcoming Nvidia GTX 980 Ti /Titan X specifications leaked conveniently

It looks like AMD Radeon seems to be having a tough time, unless R9 390X pays off. Not only Nvidia introduced GTX 980 and GTX 970, but also, it seems that Nvidia may hit the iron while its still hot.

According to reports, Nvidia is all set to release “GTX 980 Ti” or “Titan X” which is assumed to use GM200 GPU core. According to the leaks, it is also claimed that Nvidia would be coughing out GeForce GTX 990 graphic cards which would be based on 2x GM204 cores. This card, if true, will be released for Christmas.


It is also being reported that the customer sample versions are already ready and even tested few weeks ago. Shipping manifests revealed GPU cores modelled “GM200-CS0-A1” and “M200-CS1-A1”.

The key features of these cores are as follows:

  • Chip size from 10 to 15 percent over the GK110 (551 mm2)
  • Number of CUDA in 2816 (20-22 SMM blocks), apparently the first version will be active all chip in SMM
  • Memory bus 384 or 512-bit (rather I-384 bit)
  • Gaming and professional card should come out at the same time, a game like Titan X
  • Launch of Q4 / 2014
  • Performance Titan X – 40-50 percent over Titan Black

It also seems that Nvidia is sticking with 28nm manufacturing process. It looks like Nvidia wants to be on the safe side until they can be confident enough to shift towards 20nm production. It is also being said that there will be two variants of Nvidia GM200 GPUs, Professional and gaming versions, and both will be released at the same time. As far as performance is concerned, it should be offering a huge performance increase in comparison with GTX Titan Black.

In any case, the current scenario doesn’t seem to look good for AMD Radeon. AMD Radeon R9 285 doesn’t seem to something to brag about especially considering a very low-key launch that happened in India.  They need to work on something really good, and convince gamers who probably already may have considered GTX 980 or 970 GPUs.

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