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Xbox console to use Windows 8 OS

The official announcement date for Microsoft’s upcoming console if officially out, but reports about the console is still coming in. Its been revealed that the console’s operating system will be based on Windows 8.

According to Microsoft’s insider and tech blogger Paul Thurott was the one who said that Microsoft will reveal its console on May 21st which came out to be true. He also made some more predictions, one of them was that Xbox will be using the base version of Windows 8 OS, the same version which is used to build Windows 8’s Pro, Enterprise and RT OS versions.

But then its unlikely Windows RT will be used, considering that the console is said to be using AMD x86 processor and Windows RT is made for ARM processors. Its also unclear if Windows 8’s metro style will be implemented. Even if this turns out to be true as Paul predicted, one will have to ask if gaming consoles should be called as gaming consoles, as its nothing more than a scaled down PC system.

Source: Examiner

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