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Oculus update makes AMD GPUs incompatible with DK2

No update regarding the problem so far from Oculus

Many PC users with AMD Radeon graphics card and the DK2 headset, as Oculus Home 1.20 software makes them unusable unless reverted to the older driver. The Oculus development kit 2 flawlessly until the recent update. So far this problem is happening on the AMD graphic cards. Users have started helping each other out by sharing the problems and even the older 1.19 update via Reddit, but no official address by Oculus.

After updating it, the DK2 is showing colour channel splits with RGB and rotational issues as you can see above. It does work with the older drivers and even with SteamVR. But why would Oculus have such an odd update? Wouldn’t it be better if Oculus simply rolled out a legacy driver?


DK2 Colur Channels split and rotated[Broken?] from oculus

Many users claim foul play as Oculus is known for bad aftermarket support. If something isn’t officially supported, doesn’t mean it should be made unusable. The main issue here is that Oculus is not really under the obligation to fix this problem as the development kit 2 is no longer supported. Maybe AMD could release a driver update to address this problem. It also raises questions about Oculus future support the DK2 kit, possibly rendering it useless for Nvidia GTX cards unless the headset kits are not upgraded.

Many of the complaints can be tracked from here and here.

Oculus Update makes AMD GPUs incompatible wth DK2 from technology


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