USB 3.2 uses two-lanes to keep up with the times!

USB 3.2 Specification draft to be formally announced soon

The USB 3.0 Promoter group announced the final specifications of the USB 3.2. As some may assume that the “.2” may indicate incremental updates, one of the features are promising.

As of now, USB and its associated devices are operated under single-lanes. Type C USB cables are made to operate using two lanes, but the upcoming specification that will make it happen. While the devices need to support USB 3.2 specification, you can use the same certified Type-C USB cables to avail this bandwidth boost. As a result, a cable that is certified to transfer 10 Gbps will now be possible data at 20 Gbps. This will also result in many benefits for mobile and computer peripherals, add-ons, accessories and external storage devices. Apart from the two-lane operation, there are some minor updates but will still use the same encoding system.

Keeping up with Flash storage advancements!

It also becomes a necessity for storage and the transfer rate in flash storage is also rapidly increasing. Many external flash storage caters to heavy storage users and would like the ability to seamlessly edit content such RAW images and 4K Videos from external drivers. In such cases, it will need as much bandwidth it can get a hold of. Whether it would really benefit from such theoretical bandwidth depends on the devices. Obviously, any USB devices meeting the ‘high spec’ standards will cost a premium- either for its form factor, capacity, flash type and speed.

It is also due to the requirements in the mobile market, regular performance and standard updates need to be quick.  The final draft is expected to be formally released in September 2017 at the USB Developer Days North America event. Naturally, it would require the device and the host to be USB 3.2 compliant, which will take a very long time to appear in the retail market.

USB 3.2 uses two-lanes to keep up with the times! from hardware

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