Valve is building a handheld gaming device ‘SteamBoy’??

You would imagine that Valve has its ‘Steam Machine’ concept only for desktops, but that’s not entirely true.

It seems that Valve (or someone else) is working on a handheld device called ‘SteamBoy’. The device seems to be having the same touchpads that the Steam Controller has, along with a 5-inch display. It also shows that there are 8 action buttons with 2 more buttons on the rear and  4 triggers.steamboyAccording to The Escapist, the device is a quad-core processor most likely using either Intel Atom or an AMD A4, along with 4GB RAM, 3G support and a 32GB onboard memory. As of now, its assumed that this handheld steam gaming device should be ready by 2015. As of now, there’s only an E3 teaser video.

A representative mentioned that SteamBoy won’t be as powerful as Steam Machines in the same way Nintendo 3DS and PS VITA’s performance cannot be compared with Wii U or PlayStation 4. The press release points out that the SteamBoy will be the first device that will allow to play steam games on the go.

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