Volcanic Islands ‘Hawaii’ desktop GPUs confirmed via AMD CE Taiwan Education Center

The AMD Volcanic Island codename ‘Hawaii’ discrete graphic cards for desktops are now being confirmed via AMD website spotted by one of GURU3D’s forum member.

This screenshot confirmed the existence of the discrete graphic cards ‘officially’, but also it should be pointed out that AiB partner training program will be starting on 26th September, therefore chances are there that the newer desktop gpu lineup would be launching by the end of this year.

Earlier on, it was known that AMD is skipping HD 8000 series naming and jumping towards HD 9000 series, but as recently reported the card would be coming with the new naming schema.

As of now, it is known that AMD Volcanic Islands is based on 28nm manufacturing processor that the flagship model will be using Curacao XT.

Questions now remains are: when will it release and how good are they against Nvidia’s GTX 7xx series discrete graphic cards for gpus.


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