‘Watch Dogs’ framerate and resolution announced, assures no downgrade

Ubisoft has finally revealed frame rate and frames per second details for its upcoming game ‘Watch Dogs’ on PS4, Xbox one and PC. The company has responded to claims made earlier that Watch Dogs’ graphics was scaled down since its first unveiling at ET 2012.


Ubisoft had to respond due to widespread rumour about Watch Dogs’ framerate downgrade claims which started due a thread post found in NeoGAF forums. The post contained several GIF of a video footage which pointed out that the game’s graphics was scaled down. Ubisoft’s Tessa Vilyn assured via Twitter that the game’s graphics were not downgraded. she said,”Of course it is not downgraded at all. It’s a true next-gen game for sure…for sure..”. She also added that downgrading the game after being done making the game and all set for release on May 27 will be ridiculous, and that the game looks incredible.

The frame rate and frames per second for consoles and PC are as follows:

  • PC: Up to 4K/ variable framerate
  • PS4: 1080p/ 30fps
  • Xbox one: 960p/ 30fps

As expected, Watch Dogs can be maxed out easily in PC version of the game. It should be noted that Ubisoft partnered with NVIDIA to bring certain features. The PC version has variable GPU because it depends on the video cards, though its expected to run 60 FPS on 1080p resolution.

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