Watch Dogs to be released in November 19th

Watch Dogs is set to hit North America on November 19th and will be available PC, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U and even the next generation consoles,although the release date for the game made for ‘next generation consoles’ is not being disclosed. European Gamers will get this game on November 22nd.

Watch dogs is a game developed and published by Ubisoft, which is based on Chicago somewhere in the near-future where the lead character will using his hacking skills on the city’s computer systems which uses ctOS to obtain, control and/or destroy devices for his missions he chooses: anything from tapping people’s phone conversations, gaining access to bank accounts or making a device malfunction.


The U.K. edition will have 4 editions: Dedsec Edition with a 23cm figurine via selected U.K. stores, Vigilante Edition which will include Aiden Pearce’s cap and Mask along with Watch Dogs Sound Track disk and a single player ‘Palace Pack’ mission bonus (which will be available in Game, UK and GameStop, Ireland.).

Uplay stores’ will have an exclusive edition where they will send you a steelbook once a digital copy is purchased from them and the Special Edition which will come with an extra single player mission.

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