WD40E31X 14

WD Blue (WD40E31X) 4TB PC SSHD Review

  1. Introduction
  2. Test Setup and Methodology
  3. AS SSD and ATTO Benchmark
  4. ATTO Benchmark
  5. Futuremark Benchmark
  6. AIDA64 Disk Access Test
  7. Sequential Data Performance Test
  8. Random Data Performance Test
  9. Transfer Tests
  10. Conclusion
  11. Online Purchase Links

This drive isn’t just going to be something that gamers will be interested, it’s also those who generate a lot of content, but SSD would be an expensive affair, especially with a much larger storage space.

Mechanical drives are still going to be around, and going Hybrid is the best way to do that while providing an excellent value for the time being. The drive also excels with downloading data from another drive, making it a good choice as a secondary device too. It’s not going to be a replacement for SSDs, just like with any Hybrid mechanical drives tested till now. There are also the choices of Cache SSDs, but it’s not something any of the SSD brands pushed since SanDisk ReadyCache. At the end of the day, this drive is a much better choice for a cost effective large desktop storage and having a NAND seem to have helped in just that.

But eventually, WD will have to consider having a much larger  NAND, especially with a large storage  drive where people who prefer  to use a part of it as a primary partition will multi-task.

WD Blue (WD40E31X) 4TB PC SSHD

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