WD and SanDisk to make Black Solid-State Hybrid Drives

WD recently announced that they’ve hooked up with SanDisk to make a Hybrid storage drive. According to the press release, SanDisk will be providing their iSSD chips to be used by WD within their WD Black lineup on their 2.5″ form factor.

SanDisk’s iSSD NANDs are keeping mobile computing, faster bootup, more responsive for application loading and faster multi-tasking in mind. It can provide SATA III throughput and they have advanced power management, nCache acceleration which basically uses non-volatile write cache and uses Condusiv’s ExpressCache software, just like the SanDisk Cache drive that I’ve reviewed before, which clearly shows much better performance boost and wider support against the Nvelo SSD Caching counterpart.

There’s not much information, let along specs they’re working and the release date, but it will use a 19nm flash NAND from SanDisk, and WD’s SSHD will have a 5mm thickness and 500GB capacity.

Matt Rutledge, VP of client computing at WD said,”Working with SanDisk, WD realized our vision for products that combine the best of both technologies. WD’s SSHDs are a significant achievement in the continuing SSHD/flash storage revolution.” Senior VP and general manager of client storage solutions for SanDisk also said that he’s delighted to team up with WD to make new hybrid drive lineups and looking forward to bring out the WD Black SSHD.

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