Windows 10 April 2018 Update affected some Intel SSD series

Root cause unknown, no timetable provided to roll out a fix!

Microsoft has paused rolling out Windows 10 April 2018 updates on PC systems using Intel SSDs as its creating stability issues and hence affecting performance. The problem is found when the April 2018 update is done on systems using some Intel SSD series. Post its update, the system is in a loop of frequent restarts subsequently entering UEFI as if there is no bootable drive.  The only option for affected users is to roll back to the 1709 Creators Update.

The issue was noticed since two days, however, there was no clarity about the list of affected Intel SSDs- or if any other SSDs were in the list. According to Intel and Microsoft, the drive in question is its first NVMe drives under 600p and SSD Pro 6000P series. But the reason behind the incompatibility issue is unknown and there is no time frame to release a fix.

Are other Intel SSDs affected?

The Intel 730 and 750 series have no compatibility, performance or stability problem with the new Windows 10 update. It is uncertain if the cause of the problem is because of Microsoft or Intel- or both. Either Microsoft will need to have a special patched April 2018 update for such systems or Intel would release a firmware upgrade to go ahead with the update. Naturally, it would be in everyone’s interest if Microsoft blocks update for such series until further progress is been made. But Microsoft would require to roll out the fix via its Windows update irrespective of who provides the fix. Time will tell about the issue and the fix.

Windows 10 April 2018 Update affected some Intel SSD series from technology

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