Windows 10 Build 20236 high refresh rate selector

Windows 10 Build 20236 includes manual refresh rate selector

By default, Windows operating systems set its monitor refresh rate to 60 Hz with no support to increase it. But now Microsoft will include a native refresh rate selector in Windows 10 Build 20236. The end-user can manually select a refresh rate according to their monitor’s support. Most popular options are 70Hz on certain base models, to 144Hz, 160Hz and 240Hz on many gaming monitors.

A refreshing story…

Up until not a long time ago, 60Hz was a standard throughout most users. As variable high refresh rate monitors are available in 16: and ultrawide formats, Microsoft had to include native support. But no such support was provided. Until now, Users had to force the OS to change a refresh rate. Alas, in many cases, it issues a signal loss message. The only way to fix it is to have a different monitor and have the system detect a new one and therefore resetting it.

Refresh rate selector with a 15-second wait time for confirmation

This is also the reason why there’s be a buffer period between saving your new refresh rate and for the system to confirm it. Once the manual selector is used, the system will display a 15-second notice, giving an option to the end-user to revert. This setting is placed under Advanced display settings. Microsoft recently released the Windows 10 Preview Build 20236. The dev versions are usually a work in progress, but it shows the number of additions they intend to make at the very least. This one stands out in the list of changelogs indicating improvements, optimizations and bug fixes.

While from some type of end-users, perspective this would be a small addition. But seeing the rush of high refresh rate monitors and a plethora of gamers getting to choose these as a norm, this is a step in the right direction. Most likely this feature will also apply to multi-monitor setups with the different refresh rate.

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