Shatul Whoopass FX8350 8181MHz

A new overclocking world record with AMD FX-8350

Shatul Durlabhji earns a brand new bragging right as he is officially now the new member of HWBOT’s 8GHz club as he successfully overclocks AMD FX 8350 @ 8181MHz, making an official #1 ranking for AMD FX-8350 processor using Asus Crosshair V Formula, overtaking the previous record of 8176MHz set by NAMEGT. Also do note that because of this score, Toolius slides into Global Rank of Lucky #13 #12 for CPU Frequency Record.






Numbers speak much louder than words. Congrats to Shatul :)

  1. Absol-fuckin-lutely brilliant! Now, get that 3770K and nail that piece of silicone! fuckin' nail it! 7990 in crossfire. once you have the momentum, just keep on going. 3DMark scores. You nail that- YOU'RE THERE! YOU'RE OVER THERE!

    Finally another Indian overclocker to be proud of. Harshal, Ameya and now YOU!

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