Xbox One Controller not compatible with gaming headsets

Xbox One maybe have been announced, but many have started hating it before it could hit the retail shelves. Apart from always online and charges for using second hand games and even inability to have backwards compatibility, gamers would think an investment the new gen console would be unwise when current gen gaming headsets would not be compatible with Xbox One.

This is because the voice chat through the headset requires an optical port connection on the controller and uses a different port, therefore you current gen’s gaming headsets would probably not work with Xbox One. It is also said that it support stereo audio and delivers the audio from the controller and boosts mono chat audio to stereo which could lead to virtualized directional communications.

When addressed about this matter, one of the Microsoft rep made a comment. While he was not clear about the compatibility issue, he rather said that the company is focusing to build newer devices:

“We are working with 3rd party headset manufacturers to create new headsets that will take full advantage of the Xbox One technology,” company representatives said. “We will share more details in the future.”

With this kind of implementations and the older game compatibility issue, amongst many other headaches, one would ask how does Microsoft plan to sell their next generation console to their existing Xbox 360 user base.

IGN’s Scott Lowe said,“Manufacturers will not only need to develop entirely new products for the new connection standard. but use licensing and authentication protocols from Microsoft, potentially driving up costs for consumers. The licensing program could also limit the variety and competitive nature of the accessory market since all manufacturers would be required to adhere to Microsoft’s terms.”

These gaming headsets for current gen Xbox 360 are made by companies like Astro Gaming, Turtle Beach Tritton and many others. In fact, Creative as an add-on which is made to work with current gen gaming consoles.

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