ZADAK reveals double capacity DDR4, packs 32GB per module

We now have double capacity DDR4 memory kits, thus enabling larger packed modules in a memory. The unlikely brand to bring that forward is ZADAK, a memory brand where its website says its run by modders, PC and console gamers and high-tech people.

Until now, the maximum capacity DDR4 sticks were 16GB per module. Naturally, this is the world’s first double-capacity 32GB ddr4 memory module, earlier the highest capacity was up to 16GB per stick. It is been said these are 3200MHz stick with two stacks of memory chips on each side of the PCB. The height of the memory kits is also extended. This gives the space and ability to provide 32x 1GB chips on the memory. As of now, ZADAK did not list any specifications in its website.

The main issue here is the size of the modules. Compared to standard size DDR4 rams even with RGB effects, these look too talk for a memory stick. As a result, one would have to take a look at the motherboard and CPU air coolers (such as NH-U14S and NH-D15S)- to see if these don’t obstruct anything. As of now, there is no news about any platform compatibility limitation- or if any of them will have UEFI updates.

These rams compatible with Asus Aura sync. No availability or pricing.

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