Zalman Tech’s parent company files for Bankruptcy

Zalman Tech is a very well-known cooling brand for a very very long time, but it seems that is coming to an end. The company recently filed for bankruptcy in South Korea. It is reported that the company who owns this brand took a loan using fabricated export data, and now Moneual is in a position where it cannot pay back.


The amount that was fabricated was 1 trillion in revenue, which is strange because no1 suspected how can a domestic brand earn such a revenue in three-to-four years time, as shown in its export data.
What will happen to Zalman Tech? Will be acquired by another brand? Or will it sink down with the ship?

Back in the days when socket 939 and LGA 775 ruled the world, Zalman was one of  well-known brands for CPU air cooling. 60% of its stake was acquired by Moneual in 2011. The parent company is a South Korean based robotic vacuum cleaner manufacturer. Few companies that make PC components have disappeared in a similar manner, and in most cases it was strange as the company held a seemingly good reputation in the worldwide or continent-specific market. If Zalman Tech is sinking with the ship, all we can say : Thank for the good times in the past!

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