Zebronics releases USB headset “Phenom”

Zebronics’ Phenom comes- as the company says- with superior sound isolation and foam cushion based full circumaural ear cups and aiming towards PC gaming and music. Zebronics used the following words in their press release:

“Whether blocking out the loud noise made by a bus driver, the construction work just outside the home or any other ambient sounds, gamers/users will hear nothing but the sweet, immersive sounds of music, destruction and victory. Phenom headphones give a good all-round performance to be used for listening to music and watching movies as well as playing games.”

As far as the advertised specification is concerned, phenom comes with the padded soft contact surface, digital volume controller and moveable microphone with a frequency response between 20Hz and 20,000Hz with a 1.8-meter long cable with a Mic On/off and Mute button. It is not written if it uses 2.0, 2.1 or 5.1, but looking at the photo it is most likely a USB 2.0 headset. This is priced at Rs. 749/- MRP with 1 year warranty period.

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